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Dmitry Arkhipov

Dmitry is a photographer, traveler and polar guide. He was born in Moscow(Russia) and has loved photography since his childhood. Being a physicist by training, he started working at Russian space science program, then served in the military. After dismissal, he established a well-known IT company.  Dmitry traveled and photographed 112 countries so far. His five personal photo exhibitions attracted more than a million people.  Dmitry is a winner of many photo contests such as: EPSON Int’l Pano Awards, Global Arctic Awards, Trierenberg SC, B&W Spider Awards, Int’l Photography Awards, Int’l Color Awards.  Best Russian Photographer of the Arctic 2016 (Global Arctic Awards).  Best Photo Travel Photographer 2017 (Trierenberg SC).  Dmitry’s professional certifications include:  PPSA (Photographic Society of America)  AFIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art)  QEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers) 
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