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Highly Commended and Runner Up Images in the 2014 TPOTY (International Travel Photographer of the Year) Competition

Toucano-Graphics with a Droplet of an Apple Juice

Highly Commended in single image Wild & Vibrant Category


Photo “Toco Toucan and Apple Juice” was Highly Commended in the Single image Wild & Vibrant category in the 2014 TPOTY (International Travel Photographer of the Year) competition. This Image was also featured in the exhibition at the Royal Geographical Society in London and published in the “Journey Seven” book.

American Southwest

Finalist in Natural World Portfolio – EARTH, AIR, FIRE, WATER Category

Mike-Reyfman-Earth-Air-Fire-WaterMike-Reyfman-Earth-Air-Fire-Water Mike-Reyfman-Earth-Air-Fire-WaterMike-Reyfman-Earth-Air-Fire-Water A Series of four images of American Southwest has also made it to the final round in the 2014 TPOTY competition in Natural World Portfolio: EARTH, AIR, FIRE & WATER category.

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