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5th Photography Masters Cup

Honorable Mention & 5 Nominee titles in Americana


Homage to Alfred Hitchcock

I found this abandoned farm in Racine, Wisconsin, when on my fishing trip and did a couple of snap-shoots. The place looked interesting, and I decided to go back one day. I have returned several times to get it under the right weather and light conditions and finally was rewarded with the moody dark sky and a flock of crows over this haunted place.
Racine, Wisconsin, US

Fantasy land

This photo was taken with a long lens almost into the rising sun, which cast a beautiful warm glow over this Martian landscape. Canyonlands NP, Mesa Arch Point, Utah, US

Deceived Scale

For several years I was thinking of how to fool the scale when shooting in Antelope Canyon. The idea of a model car did the job. Jeep Wrangler (1:18 ) in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

Point of Reference

I was in the helicopter during the photo session over the Horseshoe of the Colorado River in Arizona. The tower in Page told us that a little plane is coming and will pass below us. Then we hovered for a few minutes till it came to the right spot and created the perfect  Point of Reference to the scale of this magnificent place.
Horseshoe of Colorado River, Arizona, US. Aerial

American Tuscany

Palouse. The American Tuscany. The land of rolling hills, saturated colors, and exceptional beauty. The land where Steptoe Butte rises up 1,000 feet above the hills. Shooting there is almost like flying over it in a hovering helicopter.
Tractor rests in the fields at sunset. Palouse, Eastern Washington, US
The Wave

The Wave

A big wave hits the embankment of Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago, while a bicyclist passes by. Some waves were really huge on that bright but stormy day.
Chicago, Lake Michigan, US

Honorable Mention in Aerial


Gobelin with Kittiwakes

Aerial photography allows capturing the rawness and cold beauty of magnificent Icelandic landscape from a completely different angle. I love to fly there, love glacial rivers flowing over black basaltic sands, braided streams, kittiwakes flying above turquoise waters, bright, almost fluorescent mosses, and grasses, abstract patterns. It is a complete departure from a land-bound experience with all its limitations. It is more on the liberating, abstract side of photography.
Kittiwakes over Ranga River. Iceland, 2010
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