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Photography Masters Cup 2011 – 5 NOMINEE Titles in Americana


Fantasy land

This photo was taken with long lens almost into the rising sun, which cast a beautiful warm glow over this Martian landscape.
Canyonlands NP, Mesa Arch Point, Utah US

Deceived Scale

For several years I was thinking of how to deceive the sense of scale when shooting in Antelope Canyon.
At last this thought has found an embodiment.
Jeep Wrangler (1:18 ) in Lower Antelope Canyon, Arizona.

Point of Reference

I was in the helicopter on the photo session over Horseshoe of the Colorado River in Arizona. My pilot, Maria, was listening to the radio and told me that little plane is coming and will fly below us. I waited until it came to the ideal spot, and created perfect Reference Point for understanding the scale of this magnificent place.
Horseshoe of Colorado River, Arizona, USA. Aerial
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