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When the good place, good light and good eye find each other - the photo is born.
     - Mike Reyfman



Photo Expeditions

Start: October 13, 2023, RAF | Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands

End: October 28, 2023, RAF | Mount Pleasant, Falkland Islands

Guides: Mike Reyfman, Dmitry Arkhipov, Marco Grassi, Svein Wik, Jens Wikström

Price: From 10095 USD


South Georgia is one of the places on Earth where superlatives are born. The Pinnacle, the Culmination of Creation. A distant, isolated world, living by its own laws and rules. You won't find anything like that anywhere else. South Georgia is the best place on Earth for wildlife photographers. Landscape lovers also won't have problems composing the frame. A group of penguins or elephant seals will give a scale to the powerful background of snow-capped peaks and glaciers.
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