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Multiple trips with World Photo Travels in 2009-2022

I am a recreational photographer and have taken multiple trips with World Photo Travels. I love going on tours with this group because you will be immersed in opportunities to photograph beautiful places. I’ve taken other photo trips with companies and none have compared to World Photo Travels. You will be treated to golden hour photography mornings and evenings and the spots are scouted in advance to make sure it is a smooth experience. After that, all you will need is for mother nature to cooperate with her magic wand!
– Iza W

Namibia 2017 workshop

From the first time I saw Mike’s captivating Namibia pictures, I knew this is the place I must see. I signed up for the next expedition without hesitation. And yes, I got everything and even more than I expected: spectacular scenery of Namib Desert and Sossusvlei, mesmerizing ghost town Kolmanskop, surreal sights of Deadvlei, scenic helicopter rides over the desert and ocean with mind-blowing views, desert “rollercoaster” rides, and safari game drives. It had been an unforgettable and unique experience. The logistics of the trip were extremely complex, but they were very well and thoughtfully crafted by Mike, with attention to details such as exclusive lodge locations where we stayed, ensuring we enjoyed the accommodations and were always in the right place at the right time.

Mike’s leadership, professionalism, and willingness to help every member of the team go above and beyond. He shared his experience, knowledge, and skills and made sure we were able to get That perfect shot. Participating in Mike’s expeditions is always a very inspirational, enriching, and learning experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have shared it with such a passionate and talented photographer.

– Svetlana Magdel, US

Greenland 2018 & 2022 Scoresby Sund Expeditions

I did two Greenland trips with World Photo Travels and I was absolutely impressed by the outstanding service provided by the company’s founder Mike Reyfman. Both times the planning and expectations for the adventure were very well communicated and executed. Mike provided sufficient pre-departure information and helpful tips for the participants to properly prepare for the sailing photo tour in the Wild North.

Everything was handled perfectly during the trip. The boat, the crew, the guides, and the itinerary they chose were excellent. Everybody did their best to make the most out of the trip. It was a great Arctic adventure with comfortable onboard accommodations and elaborate cuisine. There were two photo guides so we had plenty of opportunities for one-on-one feedback and professional help and tips to boost our photography skills. The shooting locations and times were carefully selected; the guides and the boat captain worked as a team choosing the best route and navigation to give us paramount vantage points for shooting.

World Photo Travels is not just about photography but the experiences, the people, great social time, and lots of fun!

– Diana G, Canada

Svalbard 2023

Great trip. Mike worked constantly with the crew and expedition guides to maximize our opportunities at all times of day and “night” – photo opportunities ’round the clock in the Arctic midnight sun – even waking us for 0-hour zodiac excursions. Can’t say enough about the ship crew and the tour leads in making it the best trip possible.

– Steven Wachtel, US

Svalbard June 2023 Expedition

Svalbard was a five-star plus photo expedition The location offers an unprecedented number of photo opportunities; both wildlife and landscape. It is truly dramatic. Each day of the expedition brought a new experience as we sailed around the archipelago. Mike was a first-class leader of the expedition always on hand to offer support and advice with each photo opportunity. Mike has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

It is also worth highlighting his partnership with Yves, our Expedition Leader. Yves was a critical element to the overall success with his in-depth knowledge of Svalbard and its wildlife inhabitants. Freya is a “first-class base” for the trip; well-equipped, superb crew, great food, and extremely comfortable cabins and social space. Over and above the “photography side” of the trip, it was a very sociable trip with many very talented amateur photographers coming together from different continents.

– Keith Fleming, UK/Scotland

Scoresby Sund Expedition, Greenland, 2022

I had the pleasure of taking a trip with World Photo Travels and it was the most amazing trip! It was organized perfectly and Mike is an amazing photographer, but most of all, he is an amazing teacher. If you want to see exotic places, not think about any of the logistics, and most of all, take your photography to a totally different level – Mike and World Photo Travels are exactly what the doctor ordered. I’ll be definitely traveling with Mike more!
– Alla Gribov, US

Greenland 2022 Scoresby Sund Expedition

I enjoyed every second of this trip, not only because of the scenery but also for the perfect organization. Both the tour leader and the guides were knowledgeable, kind, and prepared to take you when and where the most interesting scenes could occur. Also, I’d like to emphasize the multicultural environment we were in, and last but not least – the tasty kitchen.
– János Demeter, Hungary

2022 Scoresby Sund Expedition

Amazing and well-organized journey. Tons of great memories and stunning photos. Thank you Mike Reyfman for the unforgettable experience
– Evgueni Strok, Canada

Svalbard 2023 Expedition

I just got back from an EPIC trip ice-breaking through Svalbard. Usually, when I go on these trips as weather and animal sightings can be so unpredictable, my expectation is to go home with ONE framable photo! However, on this trip, I easily have 10 framable photos plus many hundreds of great images of rare animals in their natural habitat! Beautiful!

One of the things I love about Mike’s trips is that they are for real photography, there is no compromise. If we don’t sleep in days to get the shot, then we don’t sleep! But get the shot. Too many of these tours end up being travel and not photography. So for this reason, if you want the shot, you book one of Mike’s trips. This is my second time with him and another thing that stands out is the quality of the guides, they have always been above excellent and super dedicated to the cause, which is always enjoyable and refreshing. This trip was truly great as we also had an amazing mixed group of nationalities. Look forward to the next trip!

– Alex Ferri, UK

Cypress Swamps 2021 Workshop

Mike and Dmitry thank you for making my first Photo Workshop with you and my first workshop since Covid so fantastic! The effort and energy that you put into securing canoes, kayaks, and wonderful accommodations in remote locations made for such an enjoyable and memorable trip. We made photos during the day and formed friendships in the evening as we shared wonderful home-cooked meals, discussed our day, and learned photo tips for composition while on the water. I look forward to traveling with you again!
– Brenda Mitchell, US

Cypress Swamps 2022 Workshop

For many years now I wanted to go to the swamps. The workshop really exceeded by far my expectations. The spots were beautiful, the timing was excellent, learned a lot, took beautiful pictures, and had a great time with all of you. Could not ask for more. Thanks a lot! Hope to see you on another trip.
– Laura Greenham, Mexico

Cypress Swamps 2022 Workshop

I attended a fantastic photographic workshop in the swamps of Louisiana and Texas. Our leaders Dmitry and Mike were perfect teachers, organizers, and best friends. We all had a great time, and I would highly recommend this experience to anybody passionate about photography. I can’t wait to book some other destination with them.
– Marco Brazzola, Switzerland

Cypress Swamps 2021 Workshop

I just got back from an AMAZING photo tour to the Cypress Swamps hosted by Mike Reyfman and Dmitry Arkhipov! Mike and Dimitry planned and executed everything beautifully. They know exactly where and when to take you for the best photographs, as he knows these swamps so well. Mike and Dmitry both are world-class photographers and they shared their knowledge with us throughout the trip. If we had questions (no matter what kind of cameras we had), they had answers. It was also a great group! For a few days, we stayed in these cabins and it was a fun time collaborating on photography, cooking, and eating meals together. and establishing friendships…it really made this tour special!

I will definitely be taking another tour with Mike and/or Dmitry…hopefully soon!

– Valerie Laney, US

Svalbard 2019 Expedition

Trip of a lifetime I have dreamt about seeing the Arctic for years and when I heard about 10 days on a small ship with a bunch of photographers from various backgrounds, I was sold. Mike and Dimitry were great photography leads, helpful regarding photography tips, and genuinely concerned about their client’s experiences. Before the expedition, Mike and Dimitry advised on gear, travel, and photography equipment. They also talked with me on the phone to ensure I would be a good fit for the group as the trip does involve being on a boat for 10 days with strangers. By the end of the trip, you are all singing, drinking, laughing, and sharing photos.
– John Di Tomaso, USA

Mr. Mike Reyfman,
I just want to congratulate you for such an extraordinary work.
I d like to see your photographs in my country!
– Araceli, Argentina

Hello Mike, I saw some of your beautiful photos on 500px just now – Ripples in the Sand – and read your comment back to me, and began to look at the rest of your shots, and that led me to your website. So beautiful. So beautiful! I especially love the seagulls… thank you for being so good at what you do! It is inspiring to see such beautiful photography!
– Laura

Hi….excellent images, truly inspirational. Your images of Arches and Iceland are breathtaking. Kindest regards, Nick.
– Nick

Just wanted to express my appreciation of your photos. Truely wonderful. Wish I was younger to go see such beauty in person, so thank you for showing me such splender, I never knew existed.
– Donna

You are one of my favorite photographers. I love your style and some of your compositions just take my breath away. You are a huge inspiration.
– Protik

I just wanted to say that you have quickly become my favorite photographer. Your landscapes are breathtaking. I found your site through my Chromebook background that was preloaded onto my device. I was very interested in where the photo was taken. The only description I have is that it looks like a Mediterranean village, possibly Greek. The doors on all of the buildings are blue if that helps.
Keep up the great work. I will definitely be following you.
– Michelle

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