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Alex Ferri, UK

Svalbard 2023 Expedition

I just got back from an EPIC trip ice-breaking through Svalbard. Usually, when I go on these trips as weather and animal sightings can be so unpredictable, my expectation is to go home with ONE framable photo! However, on this trip, I easily have 10 framable photos plus many hundreds of great images of rare animals in their natural habitat! Beautiful!

One of the things I love about Mike’s trips is that they are for real photography, there is no compromise. If we don’t sleep in days to get the shot, then we don’t sleep! But get the shot. Too many of these tours end up being travel and not photography. So for this reason, if you want the shot, you book one of Mike’s trips. This is my second time with him and another thing that stands out is the quality of the guides, they have always been above excellent and super dedicated to the cause, which is always enjoyable and refreshing. This trip was truly great as we also had an amazing mixed group of nationalities. Look forward to the next trip!

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