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Diana G, Canada

Greenland 2018 & 2022 Scoresby Sund Expeditions

I did two Greenland trips with World Photo Travels and I was absolutely impressed by the outstanding service provided by the company’s founder Mike Reyfman. Both times the planning and expectations for the adventure were very well communicated and executed. Mike provided sufficient pre-departure information and helpful tips for the participants to properly prepare for the sailing photo tour in the Wild North.

Everything was handled perfectly during the trip. The boat, the crew, the guides, and the itinerary they chose were excellent. Everybody did their best to make the most out of the trip. It was a great Arctic adventure with comfortable onboard accommodations and elaborate cuisine. There were two photo guides so we had plenty of opportunities for one-on-one feedback and professional help and tips to boost our photography skills. The shooting locations and times were carefully selected; the guides and the boat captain worked as a team choosing the best route and navigation to give us paramount vantage points for shooting.

World Photo Travels is not just about photography but the experiences, the people, great social time, and lots of fun!

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