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Keith Fleming, UK/Scotland

Svalbard June 2023 Expedition

Svalbard was a five-star plus photo expedition The location offers an unprecedented number of photo opportunities; both wildlife and landscape. It is truly dramatic. Each day of the expedition brought a new experience as we sailed around the archipelago. Mike was a first-class leader of the expedition always on hand to offer support and advice with each photo opportunity. Mike has a wealth of experience and knowledge.

It is also worth highlighting his partnership with Yves, our Expedition Leader. Yves was a critical element to the overall success with his in-depth knowledge of Svalbard and its wildlife inhabitants. Freya is a “first-class base” for the trip; well-equipped, superb crew, great food, and extremely comfortable cabins and social space. Over and above the “photography side” of the trip, it was a very sociable trip with many very talented amateur photographers coming together from different continents.

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