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Ruyin Ye, US/Hong Kong

South Georgia, Patagonia & Iguazu Falls workshops 2023

I just came back from a four-week trip to South Georgia Island, Patagonia, and Iguazu Falls with Mike. It was a trip of a lifetime. Some of these places are remote and hard to get to. Mike managed and organized all of it. I would probably have never gone to these places if I had not joined his group. He had been very responsive and helpful during the time leading up to the trip; I asked him countless questions about camera gear, backpacks and clothing items to bring. He patiently answered them all. He was also extremely helpful during the trip, offering technical support, giving suggestions, and even offering an extra day to make up for a rained-out day. Overall, I had a wonderful time and took loads and loads of photos to take home to process.

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