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Valerie Laney, US

Cypress Swamps 2021 Workshop

I just got back from an AMAZING photo tour to the Cypress Swamps hosted by Mike Reyfman and Dmitry Arkhipov! Mike and Dimitry planned and executed everything beautifully. They know exactly where and when to take you for the best photographs, as he knows these swamps so well. Mike and Dmitry both are world-class photographers and they shared their knowledge with us throughout the trip. If we had questions (no matter what kind of cameras we had), they had answers. It was also a great group! For a few days, we stayed in these cabins and it was a fun time collaborating on photography, cooking, and eating meals together. and establishing friendships…it really made this tour special!

I will definitely be taking another tour with Mike and/or Dmitry…hopefully soon!

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