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Iza W - Mike Reyfman Photography Iza W

Multiple trips with World Photo Travels in 2009-2022 I am a recreational photographer and have taken multiple trips with World … Continue reading Iza W

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Svetlana Magdel, US - Mike Reyfman Photography Svetlana Magdel, US

Namibia 2017 workshop From the first time I saw Mike’s captivating Namibia pictures, I knew this is the place I … Continue reading Svetlana Magdel, US

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Diana G, Canada - Mike Reyfman Photography Diana G, Canada

Greenland 2018 & 2022 Scoresby Sund Expeditions I did two Greenland trips with World Photo Travels and I was absolutely … Continue reading Diana G, Canada

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Steven Wachtel, US - Mike Reyfman Photography Steven Wachtel, US

Svalbard 2023 Great trip. Mike worked constantly with the crew and expedition guides to maximize our opportunities at all times … Continue reading Steven Wachtel, US

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Keith Fleming, UK/Scotland - Mike Reyfman Photography Keith Fleming, UK/Scotland

Svalbard June 2023 Expedition Svalbard was a five-star plus photo expedition The location offers an unprecedented number of photo opportunities; … Continue reading Keith Fleming, UK/Scotland

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Alla Gribov, US - Mike Reyfman Photography Alla Gribov, US

Scoresby Sund Expedition, Greenland, 2022 I had the pleasure of taking a trip with World Photo Travels and it was … Continue reading Alla Gribov, US

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János Demeter, Hungary - Mike Reyfman Photography János Demeter, Hungary

Greenland 2022 Scoresby Sund Expedition I enjoyed every second of this trip, not only because of the scenery but also … Continue reading János Demeter, Hungary

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Evgueni Strok, Canada - Mike Reyfman Photography Evgueni Strok, Canada

2022 Scoresby Sund Expedition Amazing and well-organized journey. Tons of great memories and stunning photos. Thank you Mike Reyfman for … Continue reading Evgueni Strok, Canada

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Alex Ferri, UK - Mike Reyfman Photography Alex Ferri, UK

Svalbard 2023 Expedition I just got back from an EPIC trip ice-breaking through Svalbard. Usually, when I go on these … Continue reading Alex Ferri, UK

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Brenda Mitchell, US - Mike Reyfman Photography Brenda Mitchell, US

Cypress Swamps 2021 Workshop Mike and Dmitry thank you for making my first Photo Workshop with you and my first … Continue reading Brenda Mitchell, US

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