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The Legend of Desolate Love

Parinacota (Flamingo in local Aymara language) and Pomerape (Puma in Aymara) Volcanos are situated in the middle of the Chilean Alti-Plano on the border with Bolivia. Together, they form the Nevados de Payachata (Two Brothers in Aymara) which lie to the north of Lake Chungará and to the east of the Cotacotani Lagoons. Both mountains are in the Lauca National Park which, together with the National Reserve Las Vicuñas and the Natural Monument Salar de Surire, has been part of the Lauca Biosphere Reserve since 1981. ….. The beauty of these volcanos is also due to the stories that surround them.The best-known legend of the Payachatas tells of a prince and a princess from rival tribes who fell deeply in love. However, as their union was unthinkable for the two tribes, they were killed. As revenge for this crime, nature made it rain intensely for many days and nights, producing great floods that washed away the tribes’ villages. In their place were formed Lake Chungará and the Cotacotani Lagoons. In the place the prince and princess were buried, two beautiful volcanoes rose from the ground… ….. I came to this spot just in time to capture the last light of the day. Tough 2.5km hike at elevation 4500 meters above sea level on very rough terrain. One way in complete darkness. It was a really reasonable price to see place like that. The view was simply to die for…
Parinacota (6332m) & Pomerape (6282m) Volcanoes and CotaCotani Lagoons (water mirror at 4517m) Lauca Biosphere Reserve, Chile.
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