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The International Color Awards 2013 nominee in People and Nature


One-armed Inuit Man Coming Back After Seal Hunt

Greenlandic people are mostly of Inuit origin. The nation’s culture reflects that. Hunting is iconic to their culture and most Greenlanders still hunt at least part-time to supplement their diet and provide skins for clothing and kayaks. Dramatic drop in seal skin prices came in the late 1980s. That drop occurred after environmental pressure led to a collapse of the seal skin market in the United States. Today, the price of the skins remains so low that most Inuit hunters tan only enough skins for personal use; they no longer process them for sale.
Kulusuk, Greenland  

Salt Storm

A salt storm is a low-lying cloud of airborne salt that hovers over large areas, the result of wind sweeping over salt flats. Salt storms usually occur in places with large aboveground deposits of salt, such as those surrounding the Great Salt Lake in Utah and the Aral Sea. Salt storms are also a frequent phenomenon in the Salar de Uyuni region in Bolivia.  In couple of minutes we were running to our cars, visibility dropped to several yards and we ended up submerged in thick cloud of salt.
Altiplano, Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni near Tunupa Volcano.
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